What Is a Cosmetic Dentist, and When Should I See One?

what is a cosmetic dentist

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile they’re proud to show off. Instead of feeling self-conscious about your smile, it’s time to enlist the help of dental professionals. 

One of the best ways to get the smile you’ve always wanted is with the help of cosmetic dentistry. But, this might leave you with many questions, such as, what is a cosmetic dentist? And what services do they offer?

If you’ve been searching for answers to your cosmetic dentistry questions, like when to see one and where to find the right cosmetic dentist for you, then consider this cosmetic dentist in Tampa from Westchase Smiles Institute. 

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? 

Cosmetic dentistry is a newer practice concerned with the appearance and health of your teeth. The main difference from general dentistry is that cosmetic dentistry also helps patients achieve symmetrical, white, and attractive smiles through various treatments.

What Services Do Cosmetic Dentists Provide?

Cosmetic dentists offer various services to help their patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Some of these dental procedures include:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most effective smile transformation choices. Porcelain veneers work perfectly for candidates who desire the smile of their dreams. Typically, the cosmetic dentist bonds the veneer to the front of the tooth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a way to fix chipped, cracked, or mishappen teeth with composite fillings.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening services make discolored, stained, or yellow teeth a thing of the past.

Dermal Fillers

In addition, we also offer dermal fillers to clients. These fillers reduce fine lines around the face. However, they may help clients with jaw issues in combination with bite corrections.

Bite Corrections

Bite corrections are perfect if you struggle with an overbite or crossbite. This service helps align your upper and lower teeth for proper functioning, reducing jaw tension and teeth grinding for many patients. 

At Westchase Smiles Institute, we proudly provide various cosmetic dental services to customers to help them get the perfect smile. 

When You Should Visit

Good oral health correlates to good overall health and quality of life. So, prioritizing dental care is a great way to care for yourself. Look out for this list of signs that indicate it’s time you schedule a visit for cosmetic dental care:

  • Discolored teeth appearing yellow or gray
  • Crooked teeth 
  • Jaw problems
  • Tooth pain
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Chipped teeth
  • Overbite and other bite problems
  • Uneven spacing between teeth
  • Large gaps between teeth

Remember that you don’t have to wait for these signs to book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Anytime is a great time to start prioritizing your oral health. 

Get the Best Cosmetic Dentist Today

Don’t wait to get the dental care and beautiful smile you deserve. Instead of wondering, what is a cosmetic dentist? get all of your questions answered today by contacting our professional and caring team of cosmetic dentists at Westchase Smile Institute. 

Reach out to Westchase Smile Institute to book your cosmetic dentistry appointment today!

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Rachel Manzanares
Rachel Manzanares
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My father was in town for my sister's wedding and had one of his front fillings come out two days before the wedding. Dr. Cesar Chilmaza was able to get him last minute and did an amazing job. My father said that he did a better job fixing it than the original filling! Not only did he do a great job, he and his staff we so friendly and knowledgeable and did everything in their power to help take care of him. Thanks to Dr. Cesar my sister's wedding photos won't be a disaster!
Sheryl Hoffman
Sheryl Hoffman
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Cesar is amazingly kind and patient with my endless questions. I'm ridiculously terrified of the dentist and they somehow understand my fears while gently coaxing me to follow the treatment plan they recommend. They're also open evenings for those of us still working. Simply put, they're quite delightful!
Blakley Ann
Blakley Ann
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I highly recommend Westchase Smiles Institute. Dr. C is an amazing dentist who cares about his patients. The staff is welcoming and treats you like family.