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At Westchase Smiles Institute, we are dedicated to the comfort of our patients. We understand that fear or anxiety is common when it comes to dental treatment, so we are happy to offer sedation dentistry options to help ensure a positive dental experience.

Sedation Dentistry in Tampa, FL

Safety is a top-priority when providing sedation for a patient. We always make sure to provide an optimal level of sedation that allows the patient to remain comfortable, while also avoiding any unwanted side effects.

We offer support for the following types of sedation at Westchase Smiles Institute Institute:

  • Local Anesthesia: The goal of a local anesthetic is to numb the immediate area where dental work is being provided. Local anesthesia is strictly for pain management. It will have no effect on the patient’s mental state, and it will not reduce their anxiety in any direct way, but for some patients, just knowing that local anesthesia is being used can offer some comfort. This makes local anesthesia effective for use in many types of dental procedures and treatments.
  • General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is the strongest type of sedation we offer. This powerful medicine will allow the patient to be in a deep sleep during treatment. The patient will have no recollection of the procedure. While the medicine is powerful, its application is carefully controlled, and it is considered safe. Any patient who receives general anesthesia will need to make arrangements for a ride home. General anesthesia is generally reserved for more serious dental treatments only.
  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is an inhaled medicine that can be provided for patients of all ages. The patient takes in the substance by wearing a special mask over their nose and slowly breathing it in. The medicine will go into effect very quickly, and the patient will experience feelings of giddiness, comfort and well-being. During this time, they will feel less anxious about any work that is being done. The effects of laughing gas subside very quickly, and the patient should return to normal shortly after the treatment. This will allow them to continue on with their day as normal. As a result, laughing gas offers great versatility, and it is effective for a variety of treatments.

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Review from Rachel Manzanares
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Five stars

Rachel Manzanares

My father was in town for my sister's wedding and had one of his front fillings come out two days before the wedding. Dr. Cesar Chilmaza was able to get him last minute and did an amazing job. My father said that he did a better job fixing it than the original filling! Not only did he do a great job, he and his staff we so friendly and knowledgeable and did everything in their power to help take care of him. Thanks to Dr. Cesar my sister's wedding photos won't be a disaster!
Review from Sheryl Hoffman
Five stars

Sheryl Hoffman

Cesar is amazingly kind and patient with my endless questions. I'm ridiculously terrified of the dentist and they somehow understand my fears while gently coaxing me to follow the treatment plan they recommend. They're also open evenings for those of us still working. Simply put, they're quite delightful!
Review from Blakley Ann
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Five stars

Blakley Ann

I highly recommend Westchase Smiles Institute. Dr. C is an amazing dentist who cares about his patients. The staff is welcoming and treats you like family.
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