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Periodontal services are provided for the purpose of stopping and reversing the effects of periodontitis, also referred to as gum disease. This is an extremely common oral health problem that affects nearly half all adults to some degree. Even though the condition is common, it is still something to take very seriously. If allowed it is allowed to progress far enough, periodontitis can eventually lead to tooth loss and permanent jawbone damage.

Periodontal Treatments in Tampa, FL

Periodontitis starts out with what seems to be a very innocent problem. Prolonged exposure to bacteria, tartar and plaque can leave the gums swollen and irritated. They may begin to bleed during brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups. This may not seem like a serious problem, and the patient may decide to ignore the issue, but this can be a grave mistake.

In the event that the condition is not treated in a timely manner, the gums will start to pull away from the teeth. This will create spaces called periodontal pockets to develop. This is a major concern, as the empty areas can very easily become infested with bacteria and plaque. Once this happens, the condition can start to spread very quickly throughout the rest of the mouth. If the disease reaches the jawbone and the connective tissues of teeth, it is likely that tooth loss will follow.

Our practice offers a complete lineup of periodontal services that are used for treating periodontitis in all stages.

  • Scaling and Root Planing: The most effective method for treating gum disease in its early to moderate stages is through scaling and root planing. This treatment involves using special dental equipment to reach the spaces beneath the gum line and remove any bacteria and plaque that is present. We then conduct root planing to smooth out the root surfaces and prevent future accumulations.
  • Gum Graft Surgery: Exposed tooth roots is a problem that often occurs with periodontitis. This puts the patient at risk for infection, and it can cause their appearance to suffer. In order to correct this problem, we can provide a gum graft surgery to harvest gum tissue from other areas of the mouth. We will then use this tissue to hide the exposed roots and restore the patient’s appearance.
  • Dental Crown Lengthening: When the gum tissue becomes inflamed and swollen, it can result in an unattractive “gummy” smile. A dental crown lengthening procedure can be used to fix this problem. This minor surgery involves removing excess tissue and reshaping existing tissue in order to restore the patient’s appearance.
  • Gingivectomy: When periodontitis has progressed far enough that it cannot be treated with scaling and root planing, a gingivectomy may be provided. This is an oral surgery that involves cutting into the gum tissue to access the deeper areas. We will then carefully remove any unwanted matter, including any diseased and damaged gum tissue.
  • Pocket Reduction: The periodontal pockets are what allows gum disease to spread throughout the mouth so easily. Eliminating these voids with pocket reduction techniques is crucial to providing proper treatment for the condition. We will apply an antimicrobial liquid directly to the pockets to kill the harmful bacteria that has infested these areas. By doing this, the pockets will begin to shrink in size and eventually disappear.
  • Sinus Lift: One problem that often occurs with tooth loss caused by periodontitis is the deterioration of the jawbone. When this occurs in the upper jawbone, it can be difficult to install dental implants to replace the lost teeth. This is because the sinus will get in the way. A sinus lift can be used to correct this problem. Our experts will surgically access the sinus membrane and push it out of the way. This will allow implants to be installed.
  • Bone Grafting: Bone grafting procedures are used to restore and regenerate bone structures after bone loss has occurred. This can be particularly helpful for a damaged jawbone, as it will allow us to properly install dental implants. In order to provide a bone graft, we will surgically access the damaged structure and apply artificial bone material and special proteins. This will promote new bone growth and encourage healing.

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Rachel Manzanares

My father was in town for my sister's wedding and had one of his front fillings come out two days before the wedding. Dr. Cesar Chilmaza was able to get him last minute and did an amazing job. My father said that he did a better job fixing it than the original filling! Not only did he do a great job, he and his staff we so friendly and knowledgeable and did everything in their power to help take care of him. Thanks to Dr. Cesar my sister's wedding photos won't be a disaster!
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Sheryl Hoffman

Cesar is amazingly kind and patient with my endless questions. I'm ridiculously terrified of the dentist and they somehow understand my fears while gently coaxing me to follow the treatment plan they recommend. They're also open evenings for those of us still working. Simply put, they're quite delightful!
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Blakley Ann

I highly recommend Westchase Smiles Institute. Dr. C is an amazing dentist who cares about his patients. The staff is welcoming and treats you like family.
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