How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Take in Tampa?

how long does wisdom tooth removal take

Everyone has seen funny videos of friends or relatives after their wisdom tooth surgery. Despite the laughter these moments provide, wisdom tooth procedures are essential for your oral health. Getting these teeth removed can protect you from life-threatening infections and oral conditions.

Patients considering these procedures always ask, “How long does wisdom tooth removal take in Tampa?” While the actual procedure has a pretty standard timeframe, everyone’s individual experience with wisdom tooth removal recovery times may differ. Learning the full scope of the procedure and recovery can help you better prepare to get your wisdom teeth out.

When you’re ready to schedule a wisdom tooth surgery, contact Tampa’s trusted general dentist. Dental professionals at Westchase Smiles Institute have extensive experience performing wisdom tooth removals and will keep you comfortable throughout the entire process. Call to schedule a new patient consultation today.

Time in Wisdom Tooth Surgery

While there is some variance in wisdom tooth removal times, most procedures take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. However, various conditions impact the procedure length and can prolong the removal.

Impacted wisdom teeth have fallen into the jawbone and require more serious extractions. Furthermore, issues with teeth alignment or gum disease could prolong wisdom tooth surgery. During your pre-surgery appointments, your Tampa dentist should be able to identify any challenges for the removal and predict your surgery time.

Additional Time in the Oral Surgeon’s Office

During wisdom tooth surgery, your doctor will likely use some form of anesthetic to keep you comfortable. As a result, you won’t be able to leave the doctor’s office right after you awaken.

Expect to spend one to two hours recovering from your anesthetic in the office before leaving. You should also plan to have a friend or family member available to drive you home.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Recovery Time

While asking, “How long does wisdom tooth removal take in Tampa?” it’s essential to consider the length of time you were medicated and natural healing process. You won’t technically recover fully until you feel suitable to live and eat normally.

During the first 24 hours after the procedure, you can expect to sleep and rest a lot. Depending on your surgeon’s care instructions, you might have access to prescription pain medication to alleviate discomfort.

After the first day, you can expect to feel much better and allow the natural healing process to take over. At this point, everyone’s recovery times vary. However, most people take about three to four days to start feeling normal again.

Remove Wisdom Teeth With Dental Experts From Westchase Smiles Institute in Tampa

Do you know what happens if a wisdom tooth is not removed? Avoiding wisdom teeth removal can lead to oral infections that cause major issues like a weakened jawbone, loose teeth, and even life-threatening septicemia. Eliminate these possible outcomes by getting your wisdom teeth extracted from the top-rated dental experts in Tampa at Westchase Smiles Institute. 

For more answers to the question, “How long does wisdom tooth removal take in Tampa?” call Westchase Smiles Institute and schedule a new patient consultation.

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Rachel Manzanares
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