The 5 Types of Floss: Which One Is Right for You?

types of floss

Everyone has multiple types of floss to choose from when taking care of their oral health. Different kinds of floss work better for some people, depending upon their oral healthcare needs. 

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1. Unwaxed Floss

Many people refer to unwaxed floss as “regular floss.” It’s one of the more common kinds of floss used around the country. This floss works well for patients with tight spaces between their teeth. 

Unwaxed floss is less thick than many other kinds of dental floss. However, it may break or shred more easily than other options. 

2. Waxed Floss

Waxed floss includes multiple strands of thin nylon twisted together and covered with a wax layer. The wax makes the floss stronger and helps it glide better between your teeth. 

Waxed floss works well for patients with larger gaps between their teeth. However, some users find it difficult to hold because the wax makes the floss slippery. 

3. Polytetrafluorethylene Floss (PTFE)

Many patients aren’t familiar with the material polytetrafluorethylene. Companies use it to make Gore-Tex fabric and some forms of floss. Polytetrafluorethylene offers a lot of strength and rarely breaks or shreds during dental use. 

Dentists may recommend PTFE for patients with crowded teeth, as it slides easily into small gaps. However, manufacturers use perfluorooctanoic acid to make PTFE. Perfluorooctanoic acid is a carcinogen known to cause problems with the immune system. 

Many dentists suggest only using PTFE for short periods to protect your health. For example, they may recommend it for use during dental implant aftercare

4. Dental Tape

Dental tape resembles another form of floss. However, it is thicker than other options and works well for individuals with larger gaps between their teeth. You can purchase either waxed or unwaxed dental tape. 

Generally, dental tape only works for patients with widely spaced teeth. Dentists do not recommend this option for patients with crowded teeth. 

5. Super Floss

Finally, super floss is an excellent choice for patients with braces, wide gaps, or bridges. This tool contains: 

  • Regular floss
  • Spongy floss
  • A stiff end threader 

Depending upon your needs, dentists may recommend this kind of floss if you have gum disease as it helps remove plaque buildup better. 

Learn More About Different Types of Floss

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