Are Veneers Covered by Dental Insurance in Tampa, FL?

are veneers covered by dental insurance

Like many Tampa residents, you care about protecting your teeth and prolonging their health as much as possible. Veneers from a cosmetic dentist in Tampa, Florida, can help you achieve those goals. Are veneers covered by dental insurance? Westchase Smiles Institute explores the answer below. 

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers typically consist of composite or porcelain. They conform to your front teeth, camouflaging imperfections such as:

  • Flat, ground-down teeth
  • Chips and cracks
  • Gaps
  • Misalignments
  • Stains and discoloration

A set of veneers can last up to 30 years, depending on the material and quality.  

Are Veneers Covered by Dental Insurance?

Whether your insurance plan will cover dental veneers depends on various factors. The more comprehensive your insurance coverage, the more likely it will pay for all or part of the service costs. 

Many dental plans only fully cover procedures the provider deems necessary to maintain and prolong oral health. Your provider in Tampa, Florida, may conclude that veneer services will not improve nor secure your health, depending on the circumstances.

Circumstances Where Insurance Covers Veneers

When are veneers covered by dental insurance? A procedure must meet the following requirements to qualify for full or partial coverage:

  • Medical necessity: Most insurance providers only cover medically necessary treatments. Often, they treat veneers as cosmetic instead of medically necessary. 
  • Authorization: Your provider might require pre-authorization. Speaking with your dentist in Tampa, Florida, could help you acquire it. 
  • Pre-existing conditions: If you needed veneers before getting your dental plan, you might not qualify for coverage, as many insurance companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions. 
  • Other treatment options: Your provider might cover veneers if no other procedure can offer similar results. 
  • Plan specifications: Your plan may offer partial coverage or limit how often you can seek a particular dental service. 

Review your current policy’s coverage allowance with your dentist. Then, discuss your options with an associate at your insurance company. You can determine whether you qualify for veneers, alternative options like dental implants, or out-of-pocket payment. 

Can You Afford Veneers Without Insurance Coverage?

If you can’t access insurance coverage, you can still use other options to pay for new veneers. Speak with your dentist about a payment plan that allows you to cover the service over a predetermined period. 

Some practices also offer specials to new and existing patients. Explore dental services in Tampa, Florida, providing such specials. Alternatively, save up for the veneer service, make an appointment, and cover the costs by yourself. 

Finally, consider the material you prefer for your veneers. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that porcelain veneers last longer than their composite counterparts. However, composite veneers cost less and still perform fairly well.

Contact Westchase Smiles Institute About Veneers in Tampa, FL

Are veneers covered by dental insurance? The answer depends on your coverage. Contact Westchase Smiles Institute in Tampa, Florida, to determine your options. Learn more about veneer longevity, the overall cost of veneers, and other pertinent factors before making a final decision.

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